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A word of warning - this site has stories which contain hardcore descriptions of consensual sex - fictitious stories about women and men being sexually naughty. 


Call it what you will - fucking, copulation, fornication, screwing, banging, coupling, making love - all these terms in the end equate to the same thing - cock and pussy connections described in intimate detail. 


Telling what it feels like to have the woman’s cum juices streaming down the man’s cock shaft, and trickling across his bloated balls. Feeling the pussy sheath clinging to a big fat cock, and experiencing the sensation of being stretched and filled to the hilt. And when the cum explosion erupts, feeling the man’s hot cream painting their cervix. 


Did I warn you about the graphic nature of the sex stories on this site? Now do you believe me?


Let’s talk about the women in the stories. Terms such as sluts and whores will be found throughout the stories - the women involved enjoying being described in these terms. They are from various backgrounds - just read the “Ladies of the World” series for an insight into the sexual behaviors of ladies from various countries.  


The ladies are of all ages (mature, teenage and seniors). They have various family roles ( grandmother, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law); and are married, separated, divorced or single. They just love being fucked, and the risk of being discovered is a big turn-on. 


They love all positions including missionary, doggy, cowgirl, spoon and spooning..... and some other more inventive ones that defy description. Some positions can be interesting when there are more than two - another woman to make it a threesome? What about a little bit of kink - the involvement of a hermaphrodite?


Riding an embedded cock will often lead the woman to a massive cum, orgasm or juicy eruption / explosion. Some women are real squirters, drenching the embedded cock and balls of the lucky man with their sticky and tangy juices. 


Are you going to find the clinical names for a woman’s sex organs?


No ..... you at going to find pussy, twat, cunt...... vagina is just so clinical and sterile. 


What do the women look like? 


In a few words ...... beautiful, desirable ..... fuckable. 


Body types include tall, slim, petite and curvy with various types of breasts (also known as tits, hooters, and melons ) - rounded, pointy, small, huge and tiny. Breasts that are lactating and that are full of milk that the lucky man can lick, suck and swallow. 


Hair colors including brunette,  blonde, black and redheads with their mounds being hairy, shaved, hairless or bald.


Why do the women get really involved with the men in these stories?


In short, they are needy.


In need of 


  • Revenge - revenge fucking is so much fun

  • Being Watched - performing for an audience

  • Experiencing the Forbidden - what would normally be against their morals

  • Interracial Fucking - to experience the difference in skin colors and attitudes 

  • Being Appreciated - to be looked after by a new lover 

  • Experiencing a Fantasy - stepping outside the box to do something different. 



The ladies especially the cheating unfaithful ones seem to have the most fun, living out their fantasies. Real hard fucking tickles their fancies - loving being fucked with lots of toe sucking, spanking of their delicious ass cheeks, and love bites to their delicate necks, marking them for the enjoyment of their cuckolded and often impotent husbands. 


They can be easy pickups in crowded bars, and willing to spend some time in a short-stay room - threesomes and moresomes often on the agenda - submissive to the dominant male. The greedy ones can often become involved in an orgy, with multiple fuckers lining up to penetrate her and to inject her with cum. Double penetrations are quite common.


If they are unlucky then a pregnancy may result - the female being the recipient of a breeding session - impregnated by some lucky fucker’s creamy cum. 


Cleanup in the bathroom can be a chance to indulge in some piss play, water sports in the shower.


Have I shocked you? Or have I whet your appetite to read about the fantasies of the many women in this site’s stories. 


Come and enjoy. 

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Enjoy !!

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