Bodies for Hire

Body for Hire

Book 1 of the Bodies for Hire trilogy

Tom was in search of a change of life’s direction. His interest was piqued by an advertisement for a model. Imagine his surprise when he learns that a sizable manhood was a prerequisite. 


“Show me” the advertising lady demanded. She was impressed and looked after Tom by finding him many jobs. 


He’s offered jobs like photographic model, sculptor’s model, sex toys demonstrator to name just a few. In the process he meets numerous sexually hungry ladies, both young and old.

Bodies for Hire

Book 2 of the Bodies for Hire trilogy

Tom has picked up two live-in lovers since he first responded to the advertisement for a model. His life is great with the ladies keeping him fulfilled and satisfied. The job offers to model keep arriving so he suggests that he and the two ladies could model together to satisfy some of the hirer’s needs.


Hence the business “Bodies for Hire” was born.


Sexual liaisons with new ladies are born out of some of the modelling sessions, either singularly or  together with his lovers. Even the police come knocking on his door to hire him.

More Bodies for Hire

Book 3 of the Bodies for Hire trilogy

Tom, at the suggestion of one of his young ladies that he met in book two “Bodies for Hire” establishes a business where the young women previously exploited by porn film makers could become high-class escorts, leading a satisfying life - both financially and sexually.


This story introduces some of the young ladies that he “tested” prior to hiring them to join his business which was known to its employees as “The Family”. Meet Priscilla. Abby, Lavanya, Beth, Melody and Grace when they meet Tom, and experience his lust-filled interviewing techniques.


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