Love Boat

Day One

Lara and Rachel

Grant was supposed to be paying attention at the safety briefing at the start of the cruise. However Lara parked her butt directly in front of his oversized crotch and did a slow grind with her shapely ass. What was he to do … other than take up her kind offer during the briefing.


Rachel spotted him sneaking back into the dispersing safety briefing crowd after he'd finished with Lara. She came to his room to give him a one-on-one special safety briefing but finished up sampling what Lara had received and a whole lot more.

Grant was 54 years old, reasonably fit and moderately wealthy thanks to a few shrewd business investments. On the cruise he was travelling alone, but not expecting to be sleeping alone during the cruise. He had this knack of attracting female company, both attached and unattached.
Day Two

Nancy and Erin

Grant’s wandering eyes spy Nancy who is a very desirable MILF (mother of 18 yr and 20 yr old girls). Seduction is his game, and she wants to play.


How else does he spend his afternoon? In the beauty salon checking out the delectable Erin.


“Haircut and chest wax please …. … Do you also do Brazilians?” he cheekily asks.

Day Three

Terri and Mali

Grant was recovering from an extended morning session with Erin when Terri, his private room attendant, arrived to make up the bed. Just a little difficult when it was occupied by a naked man…… but not an insurmountable problem for a resourceful lady.


Sessions with all these ladies have caused some aches and pains - the perfect solution is a massage session booked with a black beauty named Mali. She offers him some extra special options on Erin’s recommendation.

Day Four

Nancy, Chloe and Susan

Nancy, the sexy MILF from day two, returns for a quickie before heading back to the family. Most passengers are onshore when Chloe (20 yr old daughter of Nancy) catches up with the lucky man in the private whirlpool. Chloe’s sexual education takes a huge leap forward..... well almost. 


Grant has been left very frustrated when he’s unable to complete young Chloe’s lessons in the whirlpool. He does however have a surprise waiting for him in his suite in the form of Scottish assistant cruise director Susan.

Day Five

Carrie and Cate

Another day dawns, Grant was resting in his suite after a sex-filled night. His pregnant next door neighbour Carrie visited and asked 'Was she desirable?'. Questions like that can be very dangerous.


Lunch calls, and Grant is propositioned more than once. Should he resist and play safe, or be daring and live dangerously? Cate’s offer was quite compelling. 

Day Six

Susan and Joanne

Starting the day tired is not great even though the tiredness came as a result of a beautiful teenager and her insatiable demands. He hoped that a cool shower would revive him, unless that shower became a “shared” one. Sharing became the theme for the day when he meets both  Joanne (the cruise director) and Anna (the captains wife) at the captain’s table for dinner. 

Day Seven

Anna, Fleur, Carrie and Alex

Was it wise to get intimate with Anna, the captain's wife? Was it wise to get involved with a lady who had led a sexually sheltered life?  Questions that Grant should have given serious thought instead of ignoring the warnings that his brain was giving him. He just thought that he was helping her further her education showing her new positions to enjoy.


Teenager Fleur continues to tease him. He had a bad case of blue balls from his encounter with her, Could Carrie help? She could and did but at the cost of a back ache. Enter the masseuse Alex - a lady who had resisted his advances in a previous work environment. Would she continue to resist?

Day Eight

Kay and Courtney

Grant went onshore to take in the local views where he met Kay, a Harley riding petite lady. A tour of the local countryside and a secluded pond were perfect ingredients for a new adventure. 


Later he was resting after a sensational day with Kay. A knock on his door heralded the entry of Courtney - she was his fill-in room attendant with Terri being sick. She asked for his help, a request that he would never refuse. 

Day Nine 

Laura and Supriya

Grant needed an audio file transcribed. Laura got assigned the task but she finished up hearing more than she was supposed to hear. He put some of the words she heard into practice and Laura learnt lots.


He met Carrie and Supriya at breakfast. Supriya was a dusky maiden from India and she attracted his interest. He was very surprised to get an invitation to visit Carrie next door. Upon arrival he found Carrie had a visitor. 

Day Ten

Chloe Nancy and Pippa

Grant is placed in an almost comical situation when both mother and daughter come calling for the same reason. Should he send them both away, or should he take leave of his senses and try to look after them both. 


It was a day for mother’s when he was visited by another, one who started out hating him; then curious about him; and then loving him.

Day Eleven

Lian and Anna

Grant met a second person on the cruise that he knew from his home town. The name on her pass said Lian, but he knew her as Cian. She knew him intimately.... well almost intimately. The gap in her knowledge looked like being filled that day. 

Day Twelve

Carrie Emily and Carla

Pregnancy can make a lady look so amazing, and Carrie was no exception. It took very little persuasion to engage a photographer to take some erotic nude shots that showcased her body. Who could resist her charms ? ....... Grant ?....... Emily, the photographer???


Carla was a beautiful older lady (an ex-model) with a sensational body and a quick mind. Grant had been flirting with her for days and getting nowhere. Today he tried shocking her with a graphic account of a recent fuck session. She was intrigued and let her guard down (together with her panties).

Day Thirteen

Rosa, Carla and Alex

Rosa was the South American young lady that had fleeced the husbands of Carrie and Supriya of their savings and more. Grant was enlisted to get even with Rosa. He did so in the only way he knew how - he fucked her and streamed the session live to the world (and to her husband). Revenge can be so sweet.


Carla had come out of her sexual shell after her recent fuck session with Grant. She suggested watching Grant fuck another woman as part of her sexual enlightenment. Grant made a counter offer of involving young Alex into a threesome with Carla.

Last Day

Chloe, Pippa and Laura

Grant had been twenty year old Chloe's first lover.  She returns to say goodbye and thanks on the last day of the cruise. He was feeling a little down afterwards, only to have his mood made worse when Felice, his personal assistant, delivers bad news via an arousing video show.


His afternoon gets better when he gets to entertain a mature lady and her younger travel companion together after having previously seen them separately.

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