Making It series

Making It with Summer Friends

Tales of Hot Weather and Hot Women

Scott was a twenty year old guy who had been left home alone for the summer vacation. His father Ted and his step-mother Julie had just left on a round the world cruise which would take ninety days.


The family was quite well-off with Scott having been given a BMW Z4 Roadster as a gift when he passed his driving test. He found that the car became an instant “chick magnet” for girls and women of all ages. A ride in his car normally ended with the girl/woman involved coming back to his backyard over-garage unit for some hot fun. 


These are the stories of the girls and women that made his summer so very enjoyable

Making It with Mum's BFF

A BFF Compilation

Making it with Jenny - He was learning massage therapy whilst waiting to commence his uni studies. A beautiful mature age friend of his mother was complaining of a sore back - he comes to the rescue by giving her a massage.... and much much more.


Making it with Ava - She was his mum's BFF. She was a beautiful petite fifty year old lady with a killer body. He was thirty years old, and single. She called him, wanting him to break into her husband's laptop - she suspected him of having an affair. What they found was much worse. He comforted her, and she seduced him.


Making it with Lana - He is in bed after a New Year's Eve party. His mum's best friend comes to visit him in bed when the others leave to go nightclubbing. She teaches him a thing or two about satisfying an older woman. Then she takes him home to her place to share with her female housemate.

Making It with Work Mates

Fun with Co-Workers

Making It with Kate - The office was supposed to be deserted so I was video chatting with a fuck buddy with predictable results. In breezed eighteen year old Kate, catching me with a monstrous erection. Show me yours and I'll show you mine was her challenge. I did, she did and we went much further than just showing.


Making It with Tania -  Tania, my boss’s wife had watched me having fun with her eighteen year old daughter on the Saturday afternoon. She came to visit a very worried me on Sunday morning. It turned out that I had been worried for no reason. She wanted the same as Kate as part of her revenge on her wayward husband.


Making It with Kay - Kay was a work colleague with a killer body and some very old fashioned ideas particularly when it came to sex. I challenged her about what was good oral sex. I was surprised by her reaction.

Making It after the Party

Hooking Up for Later Fun

Making It with Tamara - We were both at a party without a partner. I was sixty years old and she was mid-twenties but that did not stop us from chatting and enjoying each other's company. When we danced, my manhood let its presence be felt. and that led to a very hot sexual encounter back in my room - far better than her hubby ever offered her.


Making It with Jacinta - Jacinta was at the same party as Tamara. She wants what Tamara got - "The just fucked glow" - so she offers herself to me with very hot sexy consequences. The older guy shows her that I can match it with the best of them.


Making It with Grace - Grant (60 year old widow) encounters Grace (30 year old) in a crowded bar located on the ground floor of his apartment building. They have worked together for the last year. He rescues her from a group of circling males only to be rewarded in the best possible way.

Making It with the Neighbours

Fun Times Next Door

Making it with Tanya - Nineteen year old Tanya's boyfriend left her at home with no food in the house and no money for the weekend. Sixty year old Steve (her neighbour) comes to the rescue with a meal and company. Company that turns onto a hot session between them.


Making it with Courtney -  Nick had led a sheltered sex life to date. His next door neighbour shows me how a lap dance should be performed - until things get a little out of hand.


Making it with Julie - He and his wife of forty years had rented out their granny flat. His wife had lost interest in sex but he is still quite virile at 60 years of age. He wrote erotica as a hobby, and his lodger accidentally read his story and wanted to re-enact the story.


Making it with Paige - He had settled down for a day alone watching his latest porn downloads on his big screen TV. He get interrupted by a hysterical girlfriend of his teenage daughter. A hard slicked up cock and a scantily clad teenager is a recipe for a rapid hard fuck.

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