Damsels in Need

Baby Doll

The Young Widow Has Lusty Needs

Lisa (Baby Doll) is a twenty-three year old widow, petite with a stunning set of G-cup breasts. Her late husband gave her permission to seek resolution of her sexual needs if he wasn’t around to look after her. However he didn’t plan on being the victim of a workplace accident. 


She had many friends, both male and female, who she could rely on. They thought that her needs would be social but she surprised them all when her immediate needs turned out to be sexual. 


Public Sex Private Love

Bree met her future father-in-law under the strangest of circumstances - they started something sexual without knowing their future connection to each other. Their tryst was was only 30 seconds old when it was interrupted just as it was beginning. When Bree was a free woman a few years later, they resumed where they left off - this time free of interruptions and free of guilt.


The divorce removed his father-in-law status but a new role in her life was in the offing.


Good Neighbours Even Better Lovers

Brittany is a young twenty year old beauty who has been betrayed by her boyfriend and best girlfriend. With neither now in her life, she was alone struggling to carry a heavy large box upstairs. He came to her rescue, helping her carry it and then offering to bring his tool to help her assemble the contents.


She learnt that an older guy knows how to use his tools, much to her appreciation and enjoyment. She even comes back later asking for more help - but this time she had no furniture to assemble.


A Desperate Bride to Be

Briana was a beautiful and spoilt young woman who was used to getting her own way, especially from her father who she had wrapped around her little finger. So when she saw the restored New York taxi in London, she just has to have it as part of her wedding procession. She was missing home and this was a nice reminder of more pleasant times


Older Ladies Have Needs Too

Callie was the thirty year old foxy lady from next door. Driving to the beach for the weekend she comes across James, her eighteen year old neighbour. He was thumbing a lift to the coast too.


“Come sit beside an old woman” she asks him when he slides into the car onto the front bench car seat. He immediately corrects her “You’re not old .... you are a fox”. The banter between them is decidedly sexual from that point onwards. 


Sharing the news that her marriage was over became a green light for James to seduce this needy lady. 


Mistakes Need to be Punished

Dani made a big mistake when she decided to slide into a bed when she didn’t know who was occupying it. Her lover ….. NO !! …… Her biggest mistake ….. YES !!


He had always wanted her, and now he had her just where he wanted her. She could have slid right back out of the bed, but she didn’t - there was something that kept her there ….. and his plaything.


A Computer Nerd to the Rescue

Erica was the 35 year old manager of his mother’s workplace. She was a self-described novice when it came to computers. She became panic stricken when her attempts to print an important report on her home computer proved fruitless. 


He comes to her rescue - 18 years old and the original computer nerd who had lots of computer know-how but no experience with females.  She offers to pay him for his efforts which saved both her work and her reputation, but he refuses. She instead offers payment in a very different and mutually agreeable currency  - sex.


Making Body Heat

Fiona is a mature beautiful lady who has been long deprived of the joys of sex. She would never have expected to find them again in the arms of her much older colleague. Never expecting that a sudden downpour of rain would setup the circumstances that enabled their coming together to happen.


An Adventure on the Dark Side

Grace was ripe for the picking - marriage for ten years to her school sweetheart; to a man who is a racist and a bigot; and who has no idea about how to please her sexually. She didn’t consider her work colleague to be a threat to her marriage - but he was. It just took her a week of listening to him sexually service a range of single and married women before she decided to make the walk on the dark side.


United by Lust Years Later

They had met at high school twenty years ago where he was beaten up for daring to speak to her. They had gone their separate ways for twenty years. Now he had her in his bed. Much had happened in the interim, much that she wanted to forget. But she was trapped until he set her free. Sex…..Lust …… are powerful agents of change.


The Neglected Pastor's Wife

Karen is a 40 year old wife of ten years, married to a church pastor who is much older then her. She is desperately unhappy and feeling neglected, especially so in the last five years when there has been no sex between husband and wife - her husband’s impotence being a major factor in the gulf between them.


Ben is the 21 year old son of her best friend - a friend that she confides in regularly. Karen had spoken of taking a lover but hadn’t  acted upon her desires until two things happened. Firstly she spied him naked in the shower, and secondly her friend encouraged her to take Ben as her lover.


Coming Together Explosively

Men and women have talked about coming together explosively. In the case of Kate and Grant it was an actual explosion that brought them together for the third time. Their second meeting in the bakery section of the supermarket was by chance - the first meeting years earlier was deliberately arranged to happen when they were both naked. The issue was that Grant didn’t recognise her with her clothes on.


Breaking All the Rules

Kennedy is a vivacious 26 year old redhead who works in a massage parlour as a means of paying her way through university. She has a very limited set of services that she will provide, much to the disappointment of her clients. One of them is Grant, who has found a connection developing between them, but the rules of the parlour limit how much that connection can grow.


He is surprised when he comes across her after she has had an accident in her car. Grant sorts out her car problems, and drives her back to her place. She invites him in for a drink which quickly develops into her showing her appreciation. The question for Grant was “Will her appreciation have limits? Will the parlour rules extend to her home?” He is surprised by the answers.


Driving the Boss’s Trophy Wife

Lana is the 30 year old trophy wife of his new boss. Jack was hired as a security consultant by the owner of the company when he was the hands-on boss. He has been with the company since he discharged from the army about five years ago. 


The retirement of his boss and his replacement by his son has caused friction, with him being demoted to essentially a chauffeur position and assigned to drive his new boss and wife about town. Jack has decided to quit.


He has found a friend in Lana who treats him with respect. Lana is desperately unhappy and shares her troubles with Jack who is drawn to both her physical and social beauty. 


Things get interesting when his boss leaves town for two weeks, instructing Jack to look after his wife’s needs - her driving needs may have been his intentions but Jack looks after much more at her request. 


Fulfilling Her Rebellious Fantasies

She was the picture-perfect daughter of a celebrity television evangelical couple. Jade sat smiling and nodding to their side as they expounded their puritanical beliefs. Imagine his surprise when Jade (but call me Layla) asked him to help her live out her sexual fantasies.


Her fantasies had their origins in her father’s religious rantings against sex workers and porn movie stars. She wanted to know what these people felt going about their professions. He was so happy when she asked him to be an active participant, rather than just a facilitator. 


Workout With Her Personal Trainer

A woman scorned is a very dangerous one indeed. Maree had been promised a European holiday as a reward for losing weight and toning up her body. Her stupid husband underestimated her disappointment at breaking his promise. Her personal trainer did however reap the benefits of his stupidity. 


Driving the Cougar

Older woman, younger man ….. sounds like an interesting relationship especially when it was his father that instigated it. “Drive Mrs James around whilst she has lost her license” he suggested - certainly not expecting that it would lead to increasingly flirtatious behaviour  between them and which would end up between the crisp clean sheets of their lovenest. 


A Loving Daughter-In-Law

Nikki is Ken’s 25 year old daughter-in-law, married to his son Chris. Their marriage of four years is on the rocks with the son spending more time with his mates than with his beautiful wife. Nikki seeks the assistance of Ken in rescuing her marriage.


A sexy risqué photo shoot is her solution which Ken as a professional photographer will assist in making happen. The trouble is that Ken and Nikki have grown closer and closer over time, and when she poses in a revealing negligee an explosion of lust happens which then becomes a regular occurrence between them.


Revenge Sex Becomes An Affair

Nina was the thirty-five year old mother of three children. He was sixty years old and met her in a crowded bar where they started their foreplay, and finished it off in his suite upstairs. She was annoyed at her husband, and he was the lucky man who she chose for a one-night stand as her revenge. She underestimated how much she would enjoy the experience, turning one night into an ongoing and sexually evolving habit. 


New Lover New Life New Desires

She was trapped in a loveless marriage. She had her daughter but that wasn’t enough. She had a best friend but she died, and then her husband was gone too. She was lost.


She turned to the widow of her best friend - he became her new confidante and her new lover. That was the spark that changed her life and unleashed a whole range of new desires. Desires that pushed boundaries.


Forbidden Desires Blooming

Rose had never experienced the joys of unbridled sex. Her husband had controlled all aspects of her life for his benefit alone. That was until his sister Carly took her under her wing, and showed her the forbidden desires that could be had by the adventurous. Carly introduced her to different experiences - ones that Rose had never dreamt about. 


One Young Lady - Many Unfulfilled Desires

Samantha was a busty young lady that had many unfulfilled desires. Her young boyfriend realised that he alone could not fulfil them so he enlisted the help of his father.


She soon realised that the older man had many ideas that she could not have imagined as being key to her desire fulfilment.  Lingerie and shoe shop shopping became new and exciting experiences under the tutelage of her older lover. 


Thunder Lightning Seduction and Revenge

Two couples share the penthouse level of a tall apartment building. A massive storm brings a member of each couple together in the most comical of circumstances. Comedy turns to tragedy when the storm prompts revelations of unfaithfulness by the other partners.


Seduction and revenge flourish inside the apartment whilst outside thunder and lightning rage.


Married to the Wrong Brother

Stacy was his sister in law of two years, having been a victim of a “shotgun wedding” with his older brother Justin when she became pregnant. The brothers were polar opposites - Justin was the drunk and Rod was the studious thinker.


Stacy and Rod were attracted to each other, with the relationship going to a whole new level when Stacy took Rod to a nude beach where they became intimate, and where Rod also met Nina who was Stacy’s best friend and sometimes lover.


A Cross Country Driving Adventure

Zoe is a thirty year old divorcee who is looking to make a new life on the other side of the country. Her belongings are all packed up, and on the move. All that remains is to drive across the country in her sporty convertible -a long lonely drive.  


This is where he comes to the rescue albeit at the suggestion of his mother. Zoe is his unofficial aunt, and the subject of many of his boyhood fantasies. He hadn’t seen her for five years and as soon as they met again there was mutual sexual tension in the air. Her enhanced bust being a major eye magnet for him.


It is going to be an interesting trip for them both. 

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