L0nger Stories

The Fox and His Vixens

So Much To Give So Many Willing Ladies

Brad “Fox” Brady is thirty-three years old when he tells of the smorgasbord of girls and women that he has seduced (or been seduced by) in the last fifteen years. He lost his virginity to his next door neighbour at eighteen, and has bedded females between the ages of eighteen and fifty-five years old. His sexual partners have come from various races, religions and professions.

Carnal Supernatural Powers to Excite

Shy Nerd to Man of Pleasure

This story covers three time periods in the life of Brent Collins and his evolution from shy nerd to a man of pleasure. 


Brent had often dreamt about being a super hero. Right from a young age he dreamt about having a wide range of super powers that he would use to protect the world from threats both inside and outside of the planet Earth.


As a result of his ancestors and an act of bastardy in the school playground, Brent’s previously hidden and special mix of super powers revealed themselves to him slowly. Saving the world became the furtherest thought from his mind. Sex was at the forefront of his thinking - it was more like how could he use these powers to transform himself from a shy virgin nerd into a super sexual stud.

Three Wishes

Be Careful What You Wish For

A weedy old man on the train offers him three wishes. He's the sceptic and a smart ass so he names two sexually charged wishes to shock the old guy. "Granted" he replies. They arrange to meet again in three weeks to hear the third wish. He thinks nothing of it until hours later he discovers that his second wish has come true. He decides to see if his first wish also comes true.


Three weeks later he conveys his third wish to the weedy old man. To his surprise it comes true. He finds himself in the body of a 25 year old guy who has a beautiful wife who had been neglected by the previous owner of the body. He also has a family of beautiful and sexually starved women that need his special sexual skills. And not to forget the beautiful women working for the company that he now owns.


Another reincarnation is forced upon him when he lets his manhood over-rule his brain. His new persona is a revelation when he finds himself in the body of Jason. The significant difference is that Jason is a black man who makes his living from running a high cost escort service.

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