An Extract from Making It with Summer Friends

Chapter 1


“Oh ... oh ... fuck me” Emily gasped, her body almost doubled over with her ankles looped over Scotts shoulders whilst he fucked her long and deep in the missionary position. It was fortunate that her slim body was very pliable, allowing her to maintain some very interesting fuck positions for extended periods of time.


Scott and Emily were an unlikely pair of lovers - he was twenty years old (nearing his twenty-first birthday) and she was a spritely fifty years of age. They had been lovers form almost years years now - with Emily relieving him of his virginity on his eighteenth birthday.


“Yes ... yes ... that’s it” she moaned, his cock hitting those very sensitive spots deep inside her.


“Have to cum soon” Scott warned her. They tried to coincide their cum explosions for maximum enjoyment. Emily had already cum twice - this would be her third and Scott’s first for this session.


“Aghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Emily screamed erupting with a massive wet cum, drenching his cock and balls with her sticky juices. That was the final piece of stimulation that he needed ... he erupted inside her too, pumping her tight spasming pussy full of his white creamy cum.


They locked lips, whilst there joined bodies convulsed together in a massive shared cum experience. Kissing gently as their orgasms slowly waned.


Scott’s mind wandered to how this relationship with Emily started.



Chapter 2


He had been maintaining Emily’s yard since she moved into the house next door. He had been sixteen years of age at the time.


She dressed very conservatively and was very prim and proper in her dealings with people. But Scott found a side of her that no one else saw - she was an excellent conversationalist, and very knowledgeable about many subjects. He found himself having many deep and meaningful conversations with her after he had completed her yard each week.


Emily had been a source of inspiration when it came to selecting a future course of studies towards his chosen career. He also found himself sharing his frustrations about trying to date girls of his own age. He shared the fact that he was as virgin.


She reassured him that still being a virgin at the age of sixteen wasn’t the end of the world.


As he grew older, he found himself checking out Emily’s body in a regular basis. She stood quite tall (about 5ft 9ins tall) compared to his 6ft. She had a slim body with a narrow waist, and nicely shaped butt. Her breasts were the side of small grapefruits, and sat high on her chest. Everything was well hidden by her conservative dresses. She kept her dark hair in a coiled bun on the top of her head - he suspected that it would be quite long when released from its bun.




On the afternoon of his eighteenth birthday, Emily invited him to come across to her house.


“I have a very special treat for you” was all that she would say despite his questioning.


At 2 PM he knocked on her front door and waited.


The door opened, and her voice from behind the door said “Please come in”. He had already kicked off his sandals outside the door. He stepped inside, allowing the door to close behind him. He turned to find her.


“Wow ... oh my god ... wow” he exclaimed.


Scott was witnessing a metamorphosis - gone was the staid and conservatively dressed Emily, in her place was a vision of pure sexiness.


Her long dark hair hung freely below her shoulders ... her glasses were gone, revealing her brilliant blue eyes ... her conservative clothes gone and replaced by a silky pink robe tied at the waist ... and her sexy slim feet were bare.


“You like?” she asked.


“You’re beautiful. Amazing ... beautiful” he stammered.


Emily laughed at his reaction.


She stepped closer to him, placing a hand on his shoulder and sliding it around the back of his neck, pulling his face close to hers until her lips could brush against his. The kiss was gentle and brief.


“Happy birthday” she whispered before kissing him again - firmer and longer this time. His arms went around her, pulling her close to him, her firm little breasts pressing against his chest. He could smell her favourite perfume - he had come to enjoy it too.


After a couple of minutes of passionate kissing, she broke the kiss. Taking his hand, she said “Come with me”. She led him off in the direction of the back of the house. Within seconds they were entering her light and breezy bedroom dominated by her massive bed in the middle.


“Sit here” she told him, patting a spot on the end of the bed.


He sat, and she stepped back to stand about a metre in front of him.


“I have decided that my birthday gift to you today will be...” she paused.




She untied the bow on her robe, parting the sides and allowing it to fall to the fall at her feet. There she stood naked for Scott to admire. She could see the excitement and the admiration in his eyes - she knew immediately that this was the right thing to be doing.


“Beautiful...” that was all that he could murmur ... over and over again.


Emily laughed softly.


“You ... my young man ... will be leaving here today without your virginity” she informed him.


She was surprised by his response “I don’t have any condoms”.


She was so pleased that he had immediately thought about her safety and wellbeing. She responded with “We won’t be needing them”.


“Let’s get you undressed” she added.



Chapter 3


“Penny for your thoughts” brought him back to the present.


He was still on top of Emily with a hard cock still buried in her, his balls resting against her ass. He could feel their intermingled juices slowly seeping from their joined bodies.


“I was thinking about my eighteenth birthday gift from you ... delivered right here on this bed” he admitted.


“Oh ... yeh ... that was special ... I loved every minute of it” Emily commented, then adding “I wasn’t too sure when we started that day ... your cock was much larger than any of my previous lovers”.


Scott and Emily had started a relationship on that day that had survived the last two years. She had been his teacher, and he had been the avid student of all things sexual in nature. She had encouraged him to take other lovers ... and to come back to her bed and tell her all about the encounters.


They laughed together when Scott told her of a conversation that he overheard between his mother and father. Emily thought it especially funny when his father had surmised that Emily was probably still a virgin. Little did he know or suspect that his son was keeping Emily well looked after with a steady diet of long fat cock.


Scott’s parents would have been shocked if they knew the nature of the home based business that Emily ran - she managed a group of high class (and high priced) escorts - a business that she reluctantly at the time inherited from her departed sister just over four years ago.


They would have also been shocked to learn that over the last twenty years Emily had taken a number of young men into her bed, and educated them in the arts of pleasing a woman. All had been avid students, and had gone on to have fulfilling marriages.




Chapter 4


Scott had undressed and had laid back on the bed, his cock fully hard and wobbling about as he watched Emily climb between his legs, sitting back on her haunches.


“My ... my ... you have surprised me ... you are a very big boy” she commented whilst grasping his wobbly cock. She leant forward, bringing her face closer, studying his cock intently, feeling its weight and shape.


“I have much to teach you ... but we will start that a little later. Right now it’s time for you to lose your virginity” she explained.


She leant forward a little more, her lips brushing against the tip of his cock, painting her lips with the pre-cum that was leaking profusely from its tip. Then her lips parted slowly, allowing his cock to slip between them and into her hot mouth.


“Oh god” he moaned.


She momentarily removed her lips to say “This might be very quick ... you’ll probably cum in my mouth very quickly. Don’t worry we have all afternoon.” She resumed licking and sucking the head of his hard fat cock.


Within 30 seconds he was gasping and moaning “I’m going to cum”.


“Mmmmm ... mmmmmm” sounds came from around his cock. She sucked harder, and he responded by filling her mouth with his hot creamy cum.


“Aghhhh ... oh fuck ... oh god ... yessssssss!!!!” he shouted, his voice ringing out through the bedroom.



Chapter 5


Emily sucked and swallowed for a while until none of his initial cum explosion remained - all of it safely in her tummy. It wasn’t a great surprise to her that his cock remained hard. Taking advantage of that, she stood up on the bed, straddling his waist and slowly lowering herself onto his fleshy spear.


His cock encountered some resistance- she was wet and hot, but still very tight.


“Oh ... I underestimated how fat it was” she gasped whilst wiggling about to help its entry into her tight canal. After a few more seconds, her pussy entrance relaxed a little and his cock slid further into her.


“Let me do all the work for the moment” she told him when he attempted to thrust upwards. He relaxed back into the bed, allowing her to wiggle about and bobble up and down on his shaft. She was slowly sinking down his shaft, over half it now inside.


“Aghhhh ... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!” she screamed, her first orgasm wracking her slim body, tightening her pussy around his shaft and temporarily preventing further impalement.


“Wow ... that was good ... no ... amazing” she commented when she finally caught her breath.


She recommenced short fuck strokes on his shaft, gradually sinking fully into him. Sitting there quietly she took in all the new sensations that a long fat cock provided when ensconced fully in her mature pussy.


“This is amazing ... I’ve never had a cock this long or fat inside me”


“It feels so different”.


Then she smiled at Scott “Congratulations young man ... you are no longer a virgin”.




Back to the present, his cock throbbed again inside her.


“They are great memories” Emily commented from beneath him, her legs still over his shoulders with his re-awakened cock deep inside her.


“Have you got another load for my hungry pussy?” she asked wiggling about on his shaft.


“I sure do” he responded, moving back onto his knees, her ankles still over his shoulders with her toes within easy reach of his hungry mouth.


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