Short Stories

Desperate and Dateless Damsels

Unexpected Liaisons with an Older Man

Tamara, Jacinta and Kerry were best friends. They shared most things - but up until now they hadn’t shared a man. That all changed after an experience that Tamara had at a girlfriend’s engagement party. 


She was all alone at the party and quite susceptible to the charms of the “odd man out” at the party. He was sixty years old but that didn’t stop them from chatting and enjoying each other's company especially the very hot sexual encounter back in his room. 


Jacinta was at the same party as Tamara. She wanted what Tamara experienced.  She offered herself unconditionally to him. Kerry was the third member of the best friends group, and was quite oblivious until Jacinta organized her a date with him. Then she understood why her friends were now glowing. 

His Coming of Age

Educated by Experienced Needy Ladies

Gerard was an eighteen year old high school senior who was innocent when it came to females. His coming of age “out of the classroom” education was left to Nina who was the mother of his study buddy Zoe.


Zoe reaped the benefits of her mother’s training, but unfortunately his mother saw it differently. 


Banishment was supposed to limit his opportunities, but it had the opposite effect in delivering him into the beds of three mature and needy ladies.

Looking After Hubby's Needs

With Help From Mummy and Her Sisters

Mia was worried about her husband of one year, and how he would manage four weeks without her being at home looking after his needs each night and morning. Mia enlisted the help of her widowed mother Mona, and her two sisters Beth and Jess to keep him well looked after until she returned.

21st Birthday Lust-Filled Weekend

Celebrating with Old and New Friends

Jake's 21st birthday long weekend started on Friday and continued right through until Sunday afternoon. The procession of females wishing him a happy birthday included: Holly (18 year old daughter of his boss); Beth (his boss's wife); Mae (his widowed next door neighbour and his first lover); Bonnie (the soon to be ex-wife of his older brother); Cybil (lingerie store owner); and Chloe (18 year old flatmate and lover of Bonnie)


This was going to be a birthday weekend to remember. 

The Substitute

Stepping In Fulfilling Needs

Adrian is a young man who would give the shirt off his back if asked to by his family and friends. Much to his surprise he does give his shirt ..... and the rest of his clothes on a number of occasions - all of which involve a beautiful woman looking for him to “sub in” when they had been needy. 


His sister Melody and her friend Jane coax all the delicious details from him.

Summer Escape and Seductions

Saying No Is Just So Hard

Simon was eighteen years old and finished school forever. It was the summer holidays before starting at university. Unfortunately he got caught in a very intimate situation with the young wife next door so his mum sent him to stay with his ‘unofficial’ aunt Maryanne until the situation settled down. 


She put him to work offering pool cleaning services to the neighbourhood  … and bedroom services to her. His clients recognised him to be multi-talented too. 

Mother-in-Law’s Sexual Bucket List

With Help from Her Friends

Lea was the perfect mother-in-law. Aged forty, and recently divorced from her husband she had a sexual bucket list that she had no idea when and how the items on the list would be ticked off.


Then came the disintegration of the marriage of her daughter Susan’s marriage. Drew, the husband, was the victim with Lea taking it upon herself to be his support person. In her opinion, her daughter was silly.


Silly to let go of such a wonderful kind man - a man of many hidden talents. Ones that she uncovered when she got him naked. Ones that she shouldn’t be enjoying but she did. Her liaisons with him started to tick off the items on her sexual bucket list. 


Once started, their relationship took some very interesting pathways ... with some new young friends that they met on a nude beach. 


Drew provides the commentary on the evolution of their relationship. 

A Night to Remember

Entertained by Eva, Sin and Charlie

What better way to celebrate a successful business deal than to have a night out with his new business partner. It became even better when his host left him in the company of Eva - the young lady that he had been mentally undressing every day. 


Eva introduced him to many of her friends - her lady friends - her naked friends. 


Casual conversations turned into very public carnal couplings ..... which increased his standing with other ladies in the club, and with a totally unexpected lady.

The Stage Show

Acting is Fun - Reality is Better

Rod auditioned for an extras role in a live stage show. The producer was so impressed by the audition that she hired him as the star of the show.  His massive manhood sealed the deal with them becoming the stage show production partners. 

House of Sensual Freedom

Seduced by the Aromas of Sexual Attraction

Brent became the lucky owner of a house that emitted sexually provocative scents, which enticed and enslaved those who visited the house. It wasn’t supernatural - it was man-made. He found and continued to exploit the source of the scents - the previous owner had left an ample supply of the scents, and the ability to make more. 

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